Day 1 - Favorite Pokemon. 
Ralts. Pretty well expected. 
The reason behind this choice, however, goes back years, to when Sapphire and Ruby first came out in the states. I wanna say I was about 8 or 9. I was so excited. Finally, a new Pokemon game! It could distract me from how stuck I was in the ice cave in Crystal. 
So I began playing Sapphire, and within no time I had gotten to Wally and, suddenly, out of nowhere, RALTS. Like, seriously. Wth. But, I thought this Pokemon was precious, and it was a psychic type, which happen to be my favorite. So, I ran back and caught a Ralts. I gave it some horrifically corny name, like, Mystery. Yes, like the seashore Spongebob had. 
I pushed my Mudkip, Kip for short, away and trained this precious thing. It took a while, given the Ralts/Kirlia/Gardevoir team don’t have the best stats, but it eventually evolved into a Gardevoir and helped me take down the Elite Four while my mom was getting her hair did by her gay hairstylist. 
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